December 7th, 2009

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my fanfic


A Ministry of One: A tiny story about Michael and Lincoln playing cowboy and indians as kids. I think it's funny. [M/L Gen, rated G]

Overwhelmed: The LLI condition causes a sexual overload in Michael when he reaches puberty. A lot of people seemed to like this. Mother angst. [M/L Gen, rated PG]

End of Forever: Written for the first fic exchange. Sucre, Manche, Hector gen. I don't like it. [Sucre, Mance, Hector Gen, PG]

Not Gen

Things Not Said and Part II: If have something like a magnum opus, it's probably this story. At least it's the longest thing I have written and the one I spent the most time on trying to polish it. The first part is Michael's POV, the second part is Lincoln's. I like it because I like to think of it as a very summer breezy type of story with a big dose of angst. [M/L, rated R]

Three Stories: Three stories written as a birthday present based on clex_monkie's universe. They were were a lot of fun to write. [M/L, rated R or PG-13]

Babes and Bathwater: A T-Bag/LJ story where T-Bag tries to seduce LJ. I really like this story for some reason. There are a lot of things that I do not like, but something about the flow appeals to me. [T-Bag/LJ, rated NC-17]

Art of Conversation: A lovesick, yearning Michael can't help getting turned on when Lincoln has phonesex with Veronica and seethes with jealousy. It didn't turn out the way I wanted it at all and I really hate the ending. I do like some of the details, especially the beginning. [M/L, rated R]

Ladybug: I thought it would be funny to write a story where Veronica is gay, but it's still Lincoln/Veronica. Has Lincoln going down on her while they watch lesbian porn. Very strange little piece. Probably my least favorite thing I ever wrote. [Lincoln/Veronica, rated R]

Bad Advertising I wrote this story because I wanted to lay down what I think it would be like to be in an angsty consensual incest relationship. It's very yearny, but I like it. The opening scene is probably too long, but overall I like how it turned out. [M/L, rated R]

Princess: Lincoln/LJ, written for the third Prison Break ficexchange. Onesided. [Lincoln/LJ, rated R]

DTL (Decision To Love): Michael/Sucre, torrid, sweeping Michael-realizes-he-can't-live-without-Sucre fic with Michael/Lincoln friendship interaction. [Michael/Sucre, rated NC-17]


Nameless Drabble: Angsty Michael/Lincoln pillow talk post escape. Established relationship. [M/L, rated R? PG?]

5 Kisses #1: Michael wants Lincoln to teach him how to kiss properly. [M/L, rated PG]

5 Kisses #2: Lincoln has a crush on his teacher and uses Michael (who is like 8 in the story) as a guinea pig. [M/L Gen-ish, rated PG]

5 Kisses #3: Lincoln kisses Michael so he'll forget about their mother's death. [M/L Gen, rated G? PG?]

5 Kisses #4: Michael and Lincoln are kissing. Michael has control issues and Lincoln has guilt issues. Weird. Didn't come out well. [M/L, rated PG]

Things Not Said was once a 5 Kisses story that kept on growing.

Wedding Day: Michael, Lincoln, Michael's Wedding Day. [M/L (implied Michael/Sara), rated PG-15]