callmetofu (callmetofu) wrote,

Ficlet: 5 Kisses: First Kiss? Teacher's kiss? (Michael/Linc)

Title: First Kiss? Teacher's Kiss?
Pairing: Micheal/Linc
Rating: PG

“The best strategy is to start with a quick one. That way she’ll be too surprised to pull away. It will also confuse her because it’s almost too little to warrant a slap. “

Before Michael could react there was the tiniest brush of lips against his. He blushed, a soft pink creeping up his cheeks.

“ Then you can check for her reaction. The best part is that now she knows exactly what your intentions are. ” Lincoln whispered, his voice slightly hoarse, their faces less than a hand width away from each other. The world seemed to start spinning around them as Michael closed his eyes and moved forward.

Lincoln’s hands on his shoulders stopped him, his brother’s voice close to his ears.

“The key is not to go in too forcefully. Just give her a taste before you move away. She’ll be confused and want more and you reap the profits the next time you go out.” Their foreheads were almost touching as Lincoln whispered conspiratively. “And she’ll spend the whole week wet in her panties and thinking of you till the day you hook up again.”

The hands on his shoulders relented and Michael let himself fall forward. Lincoln’s mouth was surprisingly tender, half open against his, teasing Michael with just the tiniest hint of wetness and tongue. Michael moaned softly as he tried to move in, trying to crush his lips more tightly to Lincoln’s. Again, Lincoln stopped him, drawing back with a smile. He ruffled Michael’s hair and pinched his cheek as he promised that that Michael would make his mystery girl very happy, taking her home after spring dance.

Michael felt his stomach tie into knots. He fell back on the bed and curled into a little ball. So many words, unuttered, lost in time and the distance between them. “I love you. Please don’t stop.” Instead Michael bit the insides of his cheeks and hugged himself closer. Yet one lie weighed too heavily on his chest.

“There is no girl from math class,” he stated out loud into the room, more to himself than to any audience.

“I know, “ Linc said, already half out of the door. He paused, but didn’t turn around. His knuckles went pale as he gripped the doorframe. “But maybe there should be.”

Notes: The original idea was "First Kiss". That Michael wants his first kiss from Lincoln and therefore asks him to teach him how to kiss, inventing a story about a girl he wants to kiss. The original setting was a lot different and sweeter, taking place outdoors for one. But somehow it was hard to do, Lincoln kept being suspicious of Michael's motives. Because of that I skipped the part with the convincing and went right to the advice. Because of that I had to abandon the whole atypical setting and now it doesn't feel like it is worthy of being a First Kiss fic.
Tags: 5kisses, unfinished
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