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Ficlet: 5 Kisses: Mother's Kiss (Michael/Linc)

Title: 5 Kisses: Mother's Kiss
Pairing: Michael/Linc
Rating: G? PG?

“Stacy Brockman and her friend offered me a dollar if I let her kiss me.”

“So?” replied Lincoln not too interested while trying to juggle the backing pan and the ingredients. Michael jumped on the counter and let his legs dangle, watching his brother’s naked feet dance over the kitchen floor as Lincoln tried to get the forgotten milk out of the fridge. He’d never understood why Lincoln loved to cook barefoot.

“Well, I told her I wanted 5 from each of them instead.”

Lincoln laughed and playfully ruffled his younger brother’s hair.

Michael pouted. He wasn’t sure what reaction he had expected, but either way, his brother seemed more amused than impressed.

“So, was it nice?”

Michael frowned.

“I guess so. I don’t understand what the fuss is about. It’s not really different from when I kiss you or…” his voice trailed off and his fingers dug into the counter. Even four years later the memory of his mother still brought tears to his eyes. She had kissed him a lot, her soft brown ringlets that always smelled of her vanilla shampoo always brushed against his face and made him giggle. He could feel his eyes beginning to water when Linc grabbed his arm.

“Whoa, Michael, Mikey, don’t do that. Just…” Lincoln was at for loss of words. “Just don’t think of her, alright?”

The brought their foreheads together and then, tenderly, just like their mother used to do, he cupped Michael’s face in his hands and turned it upward and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

Michael closed his eyes. It didn’t feel like their mother, but it was nice in its own way.

“Do it again,” he said.

“Aren’t you a bit old for that?” Lincoln asked with a smile on his lips.

Michael made a face and punched him lightly in the shoulder. He prepared to jump off the counter, but Lincoln held him back. Steadying himself against Michael he leaned in to kiss him a second time. This one lasted longer, allowing Michael to process it. Linc’s thumb against his collarbone and Linc’s fingers at the back of his neck; Linc’s lips, less soft than his mothers, but still gentle.

He sighed and leaned his head against Linc’s chest.

“Don’t leave.”

“I won’t.”

This fic has a rushed fake out ending. I used to have a bunny about Michael coming home the next day after having kissed everybody at school, with his hands full of money and using the money to pay Lincoln to kiss him. It would have went on too long and been almost a seperate story. A second problem was that Michael started getting curious and wanted to deepen the kiss and explore. I actually have half a paragraph written on that where Michael is suddenly spread out on the counter and Linc is kissing and touching him in earnest. I thought that went against the whole concept of Lincoln kissing him the way their mother used to kiss Michael so I dropped it.

I had an alternate ending line, simply attached to the ending above.
And then Linc’s hands pulled him aside and he was kissed once more.

But I don't like it much. It feels unmotivated and the only advtange is that I like threes.

Taking a break now to work on the two remaining kiss ficlets.
Tags: 5kisses, unfinished
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