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Another kiss story

Michael knew that something was up the minute he came home and found Lincoln on his belly in front of the tv watching General Hospital rather than trying to find something involving cars or cartoons. His brother watched with rapt attention, head slightly tilted to the side, stopping just short of making notes on how the fiery nurse Bobbie put the moves on the honorable Rick Webber. Something quite outrageous, or at least so their sometimes babysitter Cheryl had claimed. Michael plopped down beside him and tried to decipher what had caught his brother’s sudden interest.

On the screen the petite redhead was slowly backing the object of her affection into a corner, a predatory smile on her lips, insistently pushing her ample cleavage against his chest, till he abruptly grabbed her wrists and bent her over in a perfect Hollywood kiss.

“I don’t get it,” declared Michael, refering to his brother’s fascination more than to the developments on screen.

Linc groaned in frustration, pushed his younger brother away before switching off the tv and stalking out of the room. Michael shrugged and after letting an appropriate amount of time, three and a half minutes to be exact, pass before he followed Lincoln to their room.

He found his brother fully clothed in his bed, head resting on his arms and staring at the ceiling. He hesitated only for a moment before crawling into bed next to him. Nesting his head on the pillow he looked at his brother expectantly. He knew it was pointless to ask Lincoln questions and most of the time it was the best strategy to just wait till he came forward with the information by himself.

They laid like that, in utter silence, for at least five more minutes till Lincoln turned his head to Michael.

“There is this new teacher, Miss Simmons.”

He blushed.

Michael held his breath in shock. At 13, Lincoln was already bigger than most of the 9th graders and usually determined to prove that everyone who was willing to listen. He hadn’t thought that his brother was even capable of blushing anymore. It took a while for this new turn of events to sink in.

“Anyway, “ Lincoln continued quickly, “she wants me to come to a private talk tomorrow and there is this thing I want to try.” Lincoln sighed. “Well, just hold still.”

He leant over Michael and attemptingly placed his lips on Michael’s. Michael frowned. It didn’t feel like much of anything. Not much different from giving mouth to mouth to a plastic doll like they had done in First Aid class. Lincoln seemed to have come to a similar conclusion because he was back in his original position, staring at the ceiling and contemplating.

Finally he looked over to Michael again. He touched one finger to Michael’s nose and said: “Veronica”. And again “Veronica” as he edged closer to Michael. He steadies himself with his hands right and left to Michael’s shoulders and closed his eyes before lowering himself down. There was another brush of lips against lips, softer this time, with a hint of wetness and then the strange sensation of being opened by his brother as he let Lincoln’s tongue glide over and between his teeth, followed by a few more clumsy, slobbering kisses.

“Why didn’t you just go and ask Veronica herself?” he wanted to know afterwards.

Lincoln scoffed. “She’s a girl. You know she just would have thrown a hissy fit and said no. That’s how girls are.” He reached for the blanket and pulling it out from under Michael, wrapping himself in it and turning his face towards the wall.



“This lady? You sure she’s nice?”

“It’s none of your business,” Lincoln said as the pulled the covers around himself tighter.

Notes: Inspiration for this was the reverse situation of the First Kiss story. Only with Lincoln having his first kiss with Michael. Another part was me wanting to write a non romantic kiss. I’m not sure if I wanted it to come across as this *not good* though. I might shorten the details and Michael’s reaction because of that. I have a much longer Lincoln POV of this in mind, but it would go mostly into Lincoln/teacher and not focus around the kissing.

I considered making Linc older, but from 14 upward I thought it wouldn’t work that this is his first kiss with Veronica already being around at this point.

I also tried reworking the angel story and it's turning into a vertible way too long monster.
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