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Title End of Forever
Rating PG
Category Gen
Characters/Pairing Sucre, Hector, Manche
Warnings Unbeta-ed. All mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer Not mine.
Requested By thekayla
Author’s Notes requested by thekayla who wanted Sucre Gen and family issues. I first wrote this. Only after stories started getting posted I found out that we were supposed to fill all prompts. I tried to rewrite but my computer lost it and I got so angry I didn't want to go back to rewriting it. I had a beta who disappeared on me (and who was supposed to look at the Spanish lines, since I do not speak any Spanish at all). I sent it in on time but the story was never posted. I'm sorry pliskin that this does not feature all your prompts.

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Fernando Sucre had never been very good at lying to women. He had learned early that the female members of his family seemed to be able to smell lies and things usually ended with him and Manche or Hector locked in the closet or up in their room without dinner.

As they grew older each one of them came up with their own strategy. Hector was convinced that he was destined to be a politician and therefore a born a liar. They sent him in first, after all he volunteered, convinced of his talent, because not only did it always get punished him worst when he tried; while Fernando and Manche managed to sail below the radar, comparably; No, best of all he also seemed to possess the uncanny ability to immediately forget about each one of his defeats and boast about how he tricked Mama Lucia the next day even as his ears were still burning red from where their grandmother had pulled him up the stairs.

Manche got caught the most and he had perfected the mumbling interrogation. He counted his toes and spoke to quietly and slowly until Tia Tara would lose her patience and break it off and send him to his room before Manche could reveal anything of importance.

Fernando was the one who got caught the least often, but when he did, he just smiled sheepishly and said, „Lo siento, Senora Sucre, I’m really sorry”. It made his grandma laugh till her belly jiggled and then she tried to compose herself and with the sternest expression she could muster she told him, “You understand you still have to get punished, Fernando, you have to give God what is God’s.”.

In the end all their strategies were designed to ensure that only one of them would get chastised, if possible. They gladly took their punishment if it meant that the others would get off free. It never occurred to them that it all might have been part of the women’s strategy and so the system never got questioned working well into their adulthood.


But times change, boys don’t remain boys and childhood promises of eternal friendship and loyalty whither away like old leaves. Not even the best mothers can plan ahead for everything.


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Sometimes realization can strike at the oddest moments.

For Hector it was when a young girl tightly muffled in her pale pink parker smiled right past him on a cold September night. All his life Hector had considered himself the leader of their tiny little group. Nando and Manche were tontos and they needed somebody to watch out for them. To rein them in, to show them, those were his family responsibilities. He was the smartest, the most well bred of them, after all. He was their leader, they were poor followers, but what was he to do? He never suppressed them, allowed them their childish little stunts and their pedestrian little quirks. And he never asked for much in return, he was a business man after all; He knew his merchandise, knew their flaws and limitations. You don’t expect to mine gold out of a piece of charcoal. He’d never wanted anything but a modicum of respect. It was, after all, only befitting his rank.

One cold winter morning Nando surpassed those ranks when he brazenly returned the look of a girl, her dimples cleaving her cheeks as she looked away shyly.

All his life Hector had taken care of them. He had done all the right things. He got good grades, he educated himself, had risen beyond his origins; He knew how to speak and how to dress himself, he was living the American Dream. This girl was from educated parents, from a better part of town.

She should have been his.

Sometimes realization can strike at the oddest moments and in this moment Hector decided that neiher Fernando, nor anybody else, was worthy of his protection anymore.


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There was light and noise and people jumping him. Where are the dogs? OMG, just don’t bring the dogs... Fernando was gone and if he could just stop wheezing for a second maybe he would admit to himself that Fernando has been gone for a long time now;

His whole life Manche had been the lookout whether it was with Fernando screaming with glee when he hotwired his first car, driving across town to spray paint the Mercedes of some guy who pissed Hector off in Business Law 101 or stealing their very first gum from the grocer across the street. Nando, Nando, Nando, he always was the fastest runner of the three of them, Hector always detested running, he considered it beneath him and Manche, well, not everybody could be ... i>Wham</i> They slammed his face into the cold, hard ground and he could taste grass and soil between his teeth. He barely realized that he is begging till he could hear his own voice, dulled, distant and almost alien to his ears.

“Who was with you?”

“Nobody, “ it slipped out instantly, without conscious thought.

They are going to kill me. The thought entered his mind with crystal sharp clarity, clear even through sound of his blooding pounding in his head. It’s not me they want. I’m nothing to them. They could kill me any second.

He’d been caught many times in his life, angry parents, stern looking aunts, grandmothers, shop owners, policemen, but he’d never been so scared. In all his time growing up in the poor part of town he’d never seen anybody die. Even in prison, he’d just looked away, lowered his head and walked past. And now there was a guy, pale and grey, barely 20 feet away, just upstairs and suddenly death was a stark reality. Who would have thought that the old man still would have so much blood in him?

An officer he had never seen before roughly pulled him off the ground. Where had they been hiding those SEAL types all this time? They constricted his throat and his head burnt and his shoulder burnt and his eyes burnt from unshed tears. Where did Nando go? If he admitted it to himself, Fernando had left them a long time ago. Way back when he’d let that girl come between them. Like a leech she had eaten Nando up, ate his life, his money, his attention and all they were left with were the crumbs. The real Nando was long gone.

“Names, I want names!”

His father always said that he was a coward who would never amount to anything. Looked like the old guy got it right this time.

“Scofield ... Burrows ... Sucre…, “ his voice almost didn’t stumble.


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Mi Alma, reina, querida, his feet seemed to be running on their own and his heart was pounding. All it had taken was one moment and he had leaped and never looked back. Loving her wasn’t a choice any more than living or breathing were.

She was the reason he ended up in prison and she was the reason he was getting out of there. Every after everything that happened every step was a thought of her; Was she waiting? Sitting at home late at night? She was a pretty girl, she wouldn’t be sitting at home, would she?

Diabla, demonia, puta, he still remembered how lost and tiny her face had looked, the day, the moment she had ripped his heart out with just a handful of words. But he would get to her and he would make things right. She had taken him into her arms, into her body, she couldn’t desert him now, could she?

They seemed to be running through a dense fog, created by his mind. The other men were barely one step away and yet he felt he would never be able to reach them. Hoarse cries, prisoners, police, dogs, coursed through the night and he even answered some of them with his own. He wanted so badly to please. He couldn't lag behind, no matter how much his intenstines seemed to twist and rumble in his gut.

Surely she wouldn’t drink, she would love the kid after all, would she? Maybe her mother, that lagarto, had poisoned her mind. It wasn’t his fault that they had missed the date, he was coming, he was coming. If it hadn’t been for that pipe… would she be waiting?

He would kill that bastard Hector when he found him... All he wanted to touch her, see her, see IT. Ángela, diosa, santa, she wouldn’t let anybody else touch it, would she? If she didn’t want to be with him, fine, but the kid, the kid was his, she wouldn’t let anybody touch it before he could, would she?

Stop. Run. Hide. Run. Today was the day he would finally get closer to her.

It wasn’t till all of them had climbed into the car that he realized that Manche was missing.
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